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Gerber Gear

digital strategy.

the ask.

My relationship with Gerber Gear spans several years and includes a complete e-commerce website overhaul, a Bear Grylls product micro-site, and a sitemap reconstruction to match a change in product marketing. 

the result.

When Gerber Gear and the Bear Grylls line simultaneously launched their digital properties they quickly became the #1 and #3 highest grossing knife brands in the country, respectively.


  • Account direction and senior project management

  • E-commerce website overhaul​

    • Digital strategy & planning​

    • UX research & design

    • 3rd party integration (API) planning & mapping​

  • Bear Grylls Microsite

    • Digital brand strategy

    • UX design​

  • Redesign

    • Digital brand strategy

    • Sitemap research & construction

    • UX design​​

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