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Buff USA

digital & UX strategy.

the ask.

Buff has been providing head and neck protection for outdoor athletes, wilderness wanderers and industry professionals since 1991. Buff aimed to consolidate several scattered e-commerce sites and generate more online sales. In addition, the customer service team was wasting time and resources having to jump through several hoops to manage and fulfill orders.

the result.

Over the course of several projects, Buff's digital properties were transformed introducing efficiencies in the user navigation and overall shopping experience as well as more streamlined management of products and orders for Buff staff. Conversion rates more than doubled for organic traffic and the sales staff was able to reduce the number of interfaces needed to process and order from 3 to 1.


  • Account direction and senior project management

  • Digital strategy & planning

  • Sitemap audit & reconstruction

  • UX research & design

  • 3rd party integration (API) mapping​​

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